The Properties

Craiglea Pastoral is an aggregation of two properties “Craiglea” and “Grubbenbun”.

“Craiglea” comprises a 2,460 hectare grazing property located on the Hobbys Yard Road, Hobbys Yards. The property is located 40 kilometres south west of Bathurst and approximately 253 kilometres west of Sydney.
The land is gently undulating to rolling hilly grey to red basalt country with elevations ranging from 960 metres to 1060 metres above sea level.

Stock movements are facilitated by extensive laneway systems on both properties.
High ADG’s are achieved on winter crops.
Our roadway sytem allows for easy access to all areas of the properties.
We have EU accreditation which opens up more markets for us.
State of the art yarding complex to facilitate animal processing.

Horses are used for low stress weaning.
Extensive reticulation systems provide high quality water.
1200 heifers are put through an AI program each year.
Focus is placed on EBV’s to ensure genetic improvement is constantly being achieved.
Dogs are an integral part of our team.
We crop and pasture improve up to 1000 hectares every year.
Season pending we run a sheep trading program.
Heifers are put on our best pastures to achieve CMW
A variety of winter crops are grown each year.
A number of residences are available for our team.
The climate can be challenging at times.
We ensure our stock has access to good clean water by regularly cleaning out our dams.
Our infrastucture is of a high standard and well maintaned.
There are a number of options to get around the farms, from the more efficient ….
….. to the more relaxed.

“Grubbenbun” comprises a 1,450 hectare grazing property located on the Lyndhurst Road, Garland. The property is located 66km south west of Bathurst and approximately 284 km west of Sydney.
The topography is gently undulating rolling hills to steep ridges. The land has an elevation ranging from a low of approximately 660 metres to a high of 800 metres above sea level.